Guzmania hybrid "Ada"

Phalaenopsis orchid

Heliconia wagneriana or 'Easter Heliconia'

Tree Frog on a heliconia leaf


Note: All photography of plants/wildlife have been done in the garden. Photos have not been imported from other sites or altered in any way. They are the property of Karinluise Calasant and cannot be reproduced by any means without permission.

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Karinluise Calasant and "Frog" Kreinbring


"Look with wide open eyes at the world around you, for magic is found in the most unlikely places. Most will never find it... Come, discover Paradise."

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Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera)

Heliconia stricta, Sharonii



"There is no end to learning, especially about plants."

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'Torch Ginger' Etlingera elatior

Entrance to the Garden



"The joy of gardening is in the process and not so much in the end result. A garden is never really finished. It evolves and changes over time as the elements and the gardener act upon it.


A natural garden is an environmentally sustainable masterpiece filled with life and biodiversity."




Our "Growing Paradise" series of Garden Booklets are available! Everything you need to know about Natural Gardening, Bromeliads, Palms and our latest title: Heliconias & Gingers and how to cut and display them--all by Karinluise Calasant